Tips to Make Your Kitchen Feel More Luxurious

It’s common for people to conflate “luxurious” with “expensive” or “self-indulgent,” but the core meaning of luxury is simpler than that. To be luxurious means to be extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable and while any upgrade or renovation will have an expense attached to it, there are a number of tricks and tips to transform your kitchen into the elegant and stylish space you are striving to create without breaking the bank.

Select Ceiling Height Cabinets

Extending your cabinets to the ceiling transforms your space in a number of ways. Not only do you increase your storage capacity but it also draws the eye up and helps make the ceilings look taller. The space can now be used to store items that aren’t used on a regular basis so you won’t be inconvenienced by the high height of those shelves. Added bonus: no more dust accumulating up there!

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding has the ability to elevate simple cabinetry to create a high end and custom look without changing the actual cabinetry. It adds detail and height without being overly decorative or complex, meaning it goes with many different style cabinets and kitchens. Additionally, if your cabinets are already close to the ceiling but not quite there, crown molding is the perfect way to span that gap and give the cabinets a finished look.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting & Light Rails

An excellent way to enhance your lighting needs is by adding under cabinet lighting concealed with a light rail. Light rails provide a barrier from light glare that would come from lights at eye level and conceal under-cabinet light fixtures. This is a feature that is in keeping with many high end homes but doesn’t actually add significantly to the cost.

Make Your Island As Big As Possible

A big island means big opportunities for different functions but also serves as a showpiece of your kitchen and is a great place to make a statement. An island’s main function is to provide extra work space, seating, as well as extra room for cooking but it is also a great place to have different color cabinetry to accent the rest of the kitchen or showcase beautiful sink hardware.

Use Drawer Bases on Each Side of the Range

One of the most practical solutions for a busy kitchen is having drawer bases on each side of the range where you can store pots and pans, as well as cooking utensils you’ll need within reach. By flanking the range with drawer base cabinets, you also provide symmetry to the range wall and can use this to highlight an elegant range hood and add to the custom look. With drawer bases, you’ll have everything at an arm’s reach but out of sight when not in use, leaving your countertops pristine and adding to a luxurious and elegant aesthetic.

Add Glass to the Upper Cabinets

If you’re looking for a practical way to display fragile glassware, or just want to brighten up the room, adding glass to the upper cabinets can elevate the look of your kitchen. Glass reflects light, which brightens up rooms, especially if you add in cabinet lighting to those cabinets as well. Your finer pieces of glassware will also function as decorative pieces while being kept protected and free from dust.

Choose Panel Ready Appliances

Paneling your appliances always makes for a higher end look and is a great way to give your kitchen a uniform and consistent look. By matching your fridge and dishwasher to the same aesthetic as your cabinetry, your kitchen will look and feel bigger, and the flow won’t be interrupted by the different shapes and colors of your appliances.

Add A Range Hood

Cabinetry grade range hoods integrate seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen are an excellent focal point where you can do something with a bit of interest that elevates the overall look of the kitchen. We also recommend making the hood six inches wider than the range to add to the overall presence of the range wall and draw attention to the decorative element of the hood. Range hoods can be made to accommodate most kinds of ducted hood vent inserts so be sure to select which model you’ll be using and share those specifications with your cabinet company during the ordering process.

Add Trim or Paneling to Your Island

Adding trim to your island end and back panels rather than just having finished cabinet sides is a great way to give the island a custom look without influencing the amount of space needed. You can achieve this look by adding shaker style trim or doing something more decorative like an “X” panel or shiplap. Extending the panels to be full counter depth is another customization option that makes the island look more substantial and will ensure it’s the statement piece of your kitchen.

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