Essential Terms To Know Before Starting a Cabinetry Project

Sometimes, the best way to start a new project is to get informed and educate yourself so you will understand the terminology and process. This is especially true when it comes to home renovations where a lot of the language is not something that you would come across in everyday life. A professional can certainly explain what you need to know but conversations will be more clear and more streamlined if you have the same fundamental understanding of terminology which helps you get the results you deserve. With confidence comes better communication, and with better communication comes better collaboration. Here are some of what we consider to be essential cabinetry terms to keep in mind when talking through your design:

Adjustable shelves - Moveable shelves that can be placed in a range of locations using shelf pins inserted into pre-drilled holes. This is the standard shelving inside cabinets.

Base Cabinet - Cabinetry that sits on the floor.

Center Panel: The raised or flat panel in the middle of a cabinet door that is enclosed by “stiles” and “rails”.

Concealed Hinge - Any hinge that is not visible when the cabinet door is closed. Door hinges attach to the back of the cabinet door and to the inside edge of the cabinet. Almost all modern day cabinetry comes standard with concealed hinges.

Crown Molding - Decorative molding that mounts between the ceiling and the top of the wall cabinets to provide a finished or decorative look.

Edge Profile - The shape or detail put on the outside edge of the cabinet doors or drawers.

End Panel - The visible outside end of a run of cabinetry. They can be decorative or plain and in the case of islands, can also support a countertop overhang.

Fixed shelves - Shelves that can’t be moved - this is sometimes the case with built in cabinetry.

Flat panel - A non-raised center panel of cabinet door that is flat with no detail.

Framed Cabinetry - Cabinet box that has a face frame that resembles a flat, empty picture frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. The doors can either sit on top of the face frame (overlay) or inside of the face frame (inset).

Frameless Construction - A cabinet box without a face frame. The full overlay doors attach directly to the inside of the cabinet box and cover the edge of the cabinet box completely.

Inset Cabinetry - A framed cabinet with door and drawer fronts set “inside” the frame itself. The frame is not covered by any portion of the door and/or drawer.

Overlay Cabinetry - Doors and drawer fronts that overlap the face frame when closed.

Rail - The horizontal pieces that frame shaker style or 5 piece cabinet doors.

Raised Panel- A term used to describe a door style where a thick center panel is machined to have depth and detail.

Stile - The vertical pieces on the left and right side of shaker style or 5 piece cabinet doors.

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