Cabinet Door Styles - Shaker, Slab, Raised Panel

When designing a kitchen, one question that will come up early in your renovation is what door style fits best with your space. It’s important to consider your options because each style can dramatically change the look of your kitchen from classic to modern, or trendy to traditional. Storage needs aside, the cabinet door will be the first thing you or a guest notice when walking into your kitchen. There are no right or wrong answers in choosing the best cabinet door style for your renovation, but knowing your options will leave you with the satisfaction of choosing the right aesthetic you’re looking for.

Shaker Style

Shaker style cabinets have a 4-piece frame, and one recessed center flat panel. This particular design has truly stood the test of time, and was created over 200 years ago by the Shakers, who were extremely skilled in their craftsmanship. The design of Shaker cabinets is very simple, characterized by prominent straight lines, squared edges and sensible proportions. Shaker style cabinets are not only durable and practical, but simple. It may seem counterintuitive, but the “old fashioned” Shaker style works just as well in a modern kitchen, as the clean lines and minimalism are popular in current interior designs. Simply put, a tight, angular look never goes out of style.


While the Shaker style cabinets can be used for more contemporary applications, slab panels are truly a modern design. While originating in Scandinavia, slab panel cabinets have been increasing in popularity and presence in the U.S. in recent years. The completely flat panel boasts clean, straight lines that give your cabinets a sleek look. While slab panels look exceptional on their own, decorative knobs and pulls can elevate the look if you choose to add them to the mix. The best feature of all when it comes to slab panels is how easy they are to clean since there is no paneling like Shaker or raised panel styles.

Raised Panel

Raised panel doors are more often used in traditional designs. Similar in design to Shaker style doors, raised panel doors consist of a 4-piece frame with a center raised panel. If you’re looking to create a traditional feel in a newer house, or complement the architecture of an older house you’re renovating, a raised panel will truly give your space a more formal look. Raised panel cabinets are typically constructed using solid woods and different finishing materials, so they will be your most expensive option.

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