5 Benefits of Crown Molding

Crown molding can be a simple way to elevate your home, and is oftentimes overlooked. While molding is often associated with the trim around your doors and windows, crown molding is specifically designed for the upper interior of your space. Crown molding traditionally lends itself to the practical purpose of concealing imperfections, warps, and differences in material between walls and ceilings that some older properties may have, but can also be installed for purely aesthetic purposes in newer properties. Whether you’re working on a fixer-upper or simply trying to improve the look of your home, crown molding boasts multiple benefits that will not only elevate the look of your home but also add value.

5. Hides Irregularities

The original purpose of crown molding was to conceal imperfections in older homes, especially where the walls and ceilings touch. If your house is a new build, you won’t have to worry about cracks or warps along with the tight corners, but older properties are prone to such aesthetic flaws. Crown molding is a quick and easy way to transform the look of your home without any serious renovations. Think of crown molding as an instant upgrade to your space.

4. Increases Design Options

While you can never go wrong with a simplistic design, crown moldings come in a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can pick from a multitude of options from material, pattern, or color. While some rooms may call for the simplicity of straight lines, larger, more elaborate rooms may benefit from more elaborate patterns on the molding.

3. Adds Depth To High Ceilings

If you have a high ceiling room, crown molding will enhance the look by adding depth. Painting the molding a different color from the ceiling will create a contrast that gives your space definition. Conversely, matching the color of your molding to the ceiling will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. If you’re renovating a smaller room with a lower ceiling, the room will appear more open and spacious.

2. Relatively Low Cost

Depending on the quantity and material, crown molding is an affordable and quick way to transform your space. Most people are satisfied with the price range of $7-$20 per linear foot. In other words, it doesn’t take much to transform a room drastically. Remember that, like any other renovation, the price is on a sliding scale, and crown molding on the higher end of the price range can reach prices of up to $45 per linear foot.

1. Increases Home Value

Despite the potentially low cost, crown molding can increase the value of your home. Some realtors have differing opinions on ROI, but generally speaking, crown molding is indicative of a higher-quality build all around. It doesn’t hurt to be mindful of what your local housing market is looking for and to stay in line with that if you’re thinking about selling.

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